Interior Design is a reflection of our company’s attitude as we work tandemly with our client, determining as individual needs, performance and personal style. Our experienced interior designers can help you translate your taste, character, beliefs and point of view into a space that compliments your budget and lifestyle.

Since design is persistently progressing, it is important that we take one step ahead of trends to build a contemporary interior design that is extraordinary. At OVI we make sure that the relationship between our designers and the client is the most important method in making eh client’s vision a reality, by finding the most innovative solution that satisfy our client’s needs.

Our main objective is to create a stunning living environment, by providing different interior design services. Whether it is residential or commercial space. We elevate the quality of the client’s design aesthetic to the next level.

Leadership Team


Khalil Samour

Architect/Interior designer, contractor, with high Managerial skills, always with fresh new idea, inventor, and Director.

I have the ability to handle one man show although a very good team player and leadership if required.
My goals is quit big, but I do insist to achieve through developing my business skills.

 Managing Director


Mubaraka Al Marri

Design Manager

About Us

Ovi Interiors is an interior design and build company that works with all the different design style from classical to contemporary and modern to translate the client’s taste, character, beliefs and point of view into a space that compliments the client’s budget and lifestyle.

We work closely with the clients to offer comprehensive, innovative and practical turn key interior solutions.  We help to bring out the best in the interior space that is functional yet, bears the unique personality imprint.

Thus, GREAT CARE, is taken to understand clearly our clients’  space aspirations, create designs that articulate such aspiration and build them to reality while strictly adhering the process without compromising the quality.

We provide state of the art planning, presentation and visualization services with highly talented team under supervision of the owner for unique, original and personalized designs above the generic.


To unleash new ideas and designs to its full potential and create comprehensive, innovative and practical turn key interior solutions that will help the aspiration of our client build into reality.


OVI Interiors is committed to provide you with your dream and ideal environment by ensuring that each client has a wonderful experience as they see the space they have envisioned takes life.